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My personal reference so I can keep my portrayal of her character in line. Since you stumbled into this, I guess you could read it for fun or use it as a tl;dr version of a stalking post for her activity if you wanted to.

Warning: Will potentially get really really long


Everything was strange. I remember falling asleep in my bed in the shop, but I woke up here. I looked around but couldn't figure out where I was. It was nowhere I know near Kavoc, at least. I checked my pouch. Just as I suspected, it was mostly empty. I put everything away before I retired last night as usual. There was this unusual device though. I tried to figure out what it was by pressing some of the buttons. Was it a mirror? The black box turned into a moving image of my face and mimicked my actions. In the end, it seemed useless. I pocketed the thing and went back to gathering my bearings. In the distance, I saw large gray structures. They could possibly be ruins. They might be infested with monsters, so I should stay away from them for now. There was a village nearby but it wasn't Kavoc or any place I heard about. Still, maybe I can find someone there to ask about all this.

[1st thread with Snow]

On my way, I suddenly heard a man's voice out of nowhere. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I didn't realize he was speaking to me from the device in my pouch. Was he connected to how I got this somehow? Instead of a moving image of myself, I saw one of this man I never met before.

I started off with the more urgent questions by asking where I was first. If I could find a way back, I won't have to bother with who he is and how I ended up with this device. He said I was in a world called Somarium. Preposterous. I assume he meant one of the astral bodies since it was more of a name than a defining label like what was used for alternate planes(ex. Underworld, Land of Mana). I have read about the Map of the Stars before while working on the Astral Globe for Klein and have never encountered a word like Somarium. Even if what he said was true, how can you explain travelling all the way there, let alone in one night?

In any case, I tried asking for a way back. No luck, as expected; especially if what he said of this being another world was true. Things aren't looking too good. It seems like I won't be going back anytime soon. It's no use dwelling on that right now. It's time to clear this nagging question that's been bugging me for a while now. Who was he? Why do I have this device that's somehow connected to him?

((thread currently unfinished))

[1st thread with Minato]

I heard another voice shortly after. It sounded younger than the last one. This time, I knew it came from that device again. A different person appeared on the window of this machine. That proved my theory about it wrong. It wasn't just a direct link to Snow afterall.

This boy asked if I was new. New? If this whole thing was some planned scheme everyone knew about, I didn't agree to take part of any of it!

...I assumed wrong. That boy, Minato, explained that everyone came here the same way; waking up from sleep and knowing nothing about what happened. He mentioned that this was a different world called Somarium too. That's the second time I heard it, so maybe it is true. There are natives of this world, but it's useless to try talking to them. I took note to try it anyway later. People who managed to leave this place did so unknowingly and by chance. ...And some manage to stay around for over a year. I really should get settled in before making further attempts to find a way out. Nothing changes back home when you return? Then it will be as if this was nothing more than a dream... There's no rush to find a way back if that's true. I hope it is, if only to relieve my worries now.

It's really strange, taking all of this in. Everything he said about this world was impossible. Yet no matter how dubious it all was, it''s all I have to work with. I had to make do and take his word for it now.

Minato told me everything I needed to know about settling in when I asked. Dreamberry? Maybe that's what this machine was. So it was used as a map too. I looked at all the buttons it had as he gave instructions. I think I got a handle of how to use most of these buttons from his instructions. The ones with letters are still a mystery though. The letters just appeared on the small window when I pressed them on the first time I tried them. The ones with numbers too showed numbers instead of the letters on them. I'll try what he said after this conversation.

Lodging is free by just claiming any empty cottage? There's no law against that? He might be trying to make a fool out of me... but I can't be sure of anything in this situation. He said there was a card used as currency. I checked and found it hugging the side of my pouch. At least anything he said that I could confirm right away checked out. I didn't understand what he meant by currency being stored inside of it, but I imagine it's something like how I see people in this Dreamberry. I'll just have to try putting it in that slot after this to see. I hope store clerks don't just take the card away, I only have one of it.

That's about everything I needed to know right now, so I thanked him for everything. I'm still not sure of it all, but I'll see over time here. He asked if there was anything else. Was there? I might as well ask if there was anything I had to be aware of.

The city surrounding this city is in the middle of a dangerous desert, and there's a floating mountain and police force around here. A desert. Even if this was still in Regallzine, it's still a far trek away from Kavoc to see a desert. It seems like the land is rich in mana too, to have enough wind mana to spare for making a mountain float. That's rare in this age. I doubt I'll ever need to call on the police force, but I kept what he said in mind anyway. Well, that sounds about it for what I'd need to know about settling in a normal unknown land.

I thanked him once again before the conversation ended. So it might not be mana after all. Trying to make sense of everything is going to take a lot of getting used to.

Minato has been very helpful. He explained everything so thoroughly. I feel sorry for keeping him too long, but I needed any answers I could get. I now understand a bit of how this place works and how to settle in. Still, I can't help but feel a bit doubtful. Several things he said were questionable. I'll have to confirm some of this with the first person I see in person. All the people I talked to appeared from this mysterious Dreamberry so far. I still don't know how I ended up with it. I shouldn't fully accept their word as truth just yet.

Now, I should try seeing that map. Menu button... maybe it was this?




That was troublesome. So that menu key is that knob, and it moves the selection too when tilted. Not a bad idea. I should try making that next time I synthesize a machine. I found the map easily enough when I figured out how to move around the selection. It's a good thing these images made it easy to tell what each does. Putting the card in the slot made a number appear. I know he said it was more than enough for starting off, but I didn't think it would be this much. Why would whoever was doing all this provide so much for everyone? I can't think of any reason anymore for someone to abduct people like this.

The shopping district was where all those gray structures were. So they weren't ruins after all. Lodging comes first, so I headed for the village as I originally intended. I'll need the rest when I finally find one.

[1st thread with Sodia]

I was passing by the stream when I heard a splash. Curiosity got the better of me and I went to see what caused it. It was a female knight that somehow fell into the stream. She just said it was an accident, but there seemed to be more to it than that. The stream was obvious, so anyone would be warned to avoid stepping into it from yards away. There was nothing around, so she couldn't have been pushed in or distracted by something. ...Of course if she was one of the knights of Alkavana, she probably would have walked into the stream dumbly. Even though what she said was questionable, I decided not to pursue the matter. It wasn't any of my business, and she didn't want to talk about it.

She is the first person I saw physically though, so I decided to ask a few things just to make sure what the people said from the Dreamberry was right. ...It's not like there was much I'd be able to confirm with her, since this was just her second day in this area. She was a knight though, so she should know about the laws upheld here. And since it's her second day, she must have stayed over somewhere. She couldn't have slept here, right? So I decided to ask if you really do just take any empty cottage as your own for housing.

Hmph, Minato may have been making fun of me after all. Of course you'd need to pay rent. She looked like she needed help, but there was nothing I could do now. I didn't have a place yet nor a change of clothes. I feel sorry for her, but offering help I can't give will accomplish nothing.

I reached the village soon enough. I tried talking with some of those villagers, but they seemed intent on not saying anything useful. The floating castle and mountain in the distance, the oddly dressed people... With everything I've witnessed while going around, I have no choice but to resign to believing that I am in another world. I couldn't find any place renting rooms or selling cottages. I was hoping I could loan a place first until I could pay for it, but there really was no sign of anyone selling. I'd rather not risk i being made a fool, but I'll have to hope Minato was telling the truth if I want to sleep under a roof tonight.

Before knocking on doors or entering, I checked open windows of cottages for any sign of people living in them. It was embarrassing, having to sneak peeks like that. In any case, I found one that was empty and didn't have any personal items. I knocked cautiously and there was no answer. The door was unlocked, so there was no problem in getting in. Illegal or not, I still felt kind of guilty entering a random cottage like this.

[Events based off my sample post]

So this is it. This is the cottage I'll be calling home. I'd rather not stay around this strange place for very long, but it can't be helped. It looks like I'm truly stuck here for now. At least this cottage is comfortable. In some ways, it's similar to the shop back in Kavoc. A cottage is a cottage, I suppose.

I checked a nearby table for dust. Surprisingly, there wasn't much. Was this one really unoccupied? It's too clean for an abandoned place. The kitchen was furnished too. ...Was that a mechanized pantry? Amazing. With that temperature, it could preserve food too instead of just storing it. Despite the contraptions in here, it's still quite roomy. I could fit a large pot here and it would still be too comfortable.

A cauldron for synthesis would be pricey. I may have to skimp a bit so I could buy one and not risk going poor in the long run. ...Looks like I'll have to put up a shop again for the income. Heh, another shop. I never thought I'd think of putting up a second one. It was just a hassle and way to get income at first, until those two started visiting.

Klein... I'm not going to see him soon if I end up here as long as others have. And Lita too. Those two... They were the only reason I delayed using the Chronoplex, weren't they? Hee, too bad I don't have the materials to make one here. I lost my way to meet my brother, and I won't be able to see Klein and Lita while I'm stuck here. I'm alone again.

This place is surprisingly well kept. The only work I'll have to do is for modifying the living area into a store front. Just not today. For now, I need to sleep.


I was just sleeping, but it felt like something strange happened not long ago. The feeling only got worse when I felt something in my hand. It was a crystal pendant sculpted into the shape of a Chronoplex. What kind of joke is this?


Maybe I should try checking if it works~

Ahaha, no. It's just a sculpture of one. Besides, Klein and Lita's impact on me isn't that cheap. They already convinced me to keep on living for a little longer. Even if it's only for the time I get to see them again.

Today, I see the shopping district and get food, clothes and anything else necessary right now. It's useless, but I can't help but bring the glass pendant along. It is my closest connection to brother after all.

[1st sight of Viral]

There was a strange person in the shopping district shouting a question at no one. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything. I didn't know the answer. The comment just slipped out.

I got some basic groceries, some tools for cooking and carving, and got a cauldron to be delivered. I was lucky to find a ceramic one there. It would be easier to make a syntesizing pot out of it.


[1st dream]

I woke up from one of those dreams again. I started having them since I got this imitation of a Chronoplex. I will keep on living, but my want to meet my brother hasn't died at all. Holding this makes me think I'm so close to achieving it. Was it always a bit gray? I remember it being completely colorless before.


It can't be. This really is the Chronoplex now. blahblahblah, checking out Chronoplex and having portal screw ups. write stuff that happens later, you lazy mun.

((stuff that happens when she's alone))

[1st thread with Judith]

((stuff that happened in the thread))
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