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[Character Name] Veola
[Canon] Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana
[Point Taken from Canon] Endgame, after all her events

[Age] 16
[Gender] Female
[Sexual Orientation] Hetero

[Eye Color] violet
[Hair Color] brown
[Height] 5'1"
[Other] Nothing really. Most distinguishing feature is the hat
She has a turtleneck dress, a simple shawl over it and a huge spiffy purple hat
image here
Her shoes will forever be a mystery! ...I'd like to believe that they're some type of flat walking shoes. I don't think she'd have too much heel on her shoes.


That awesome shopkeeper unrelated to the plot but has all the best stuff for the main heroes that's busy saving the world? That's her. She doesn't even overprice! And she has more backstory than half the playable cast!


Veola used to live in Nelvia village. In the middle of the night, monsters called growloons appeared. In that one night, they destroyed her entire town. Veola was asleep the whole time when it happened. When she woke up, she saw that her brother protected her through the night and died doing so. Norman adopted her after the event and brought her to the town of Kavoc. She did not want to open up a shop at first, but ended up doing so for the income she needed. She just wanted to learn more about the Chronoplex so she could meet her brother again. She knew she wouldn't be able to return if she used it to go to the world of the dead, but she did not mind dying like that.

Veola first met Lita and Klein when they were on an errand for Norman. She gave a cold reception, leaving a bad first impression on Lita while Klein didn't mind it so much. Later on, she revealed to Lita and Klein that she found no reason in being helpful. She wasn't interested in managing the shop, after all. After a few visits, Klein asked for permission to visit Veola's shop once in a while. Lita was not happy and complained about Veola's behavior. Veola won the argument by responding bluntly though. It took a few more visits before she expressed interest in Klein and his alchemy, finally formally introduced herself to him and Lita.

Veola was visited by a member of the chamber of commerce one day. The man just came to mock her of her progress on the Chronolex and get her to quit. She noticed Klein and Lita overheard the conversation and got interested in the Chronolex. In a bad mood, she revealed little about it and drove them away. The next time the two came over, she asked them to give her any book they find in their travels. On the first time they bring a book, Veola gets into an argument with Lita after being called an amateur. She refused the book at the end, but Klein insisted to leave the book with her when they left. She eventually tried it and found it useful, coming up with new recipes for synthesis to try out. Ever since then, Veola would come up with more synthesis recipes every time they brought her a book. Veola just kept getting more surprised at Klein's friendliness and more amused at Lita's frustrations the more they visited her.

The man from the chamber of commerce came by once again to verbally abuse Veola in an attempt to get her to quit. Klein and Lita stood up for her, so she agreed to talk about the Chronolex one day. On another time, Veola got Klein and Lita to accompany her to Lapis Woods at night. She scattered stained grass spores to the wind. This was a ritual she performed for her dead brother to guide his way to eternal rest. She explained her past to Lita and Klein shortly after. On another day, she finally talked about the Chronolex's legend and told them that it was for meeting with spirits of the dead. Klein and Lita discovered that Veola wanted it to meet her dead brother and decided to tell her anything they find out about the Chronolex in their travels.

Veola grew to like Klein a lot. She considered letting Klein inherit the shop after she died, but Klein wouldn't let her talk about death so lightly so the subject was dropped. Finally, Klein brought her a book with information to make a Chronoplex, called "Master of Magic". Veola found out how to create two of the ingredients for the Chronoplex, but couldn't make the remaining ingredients. Klein and Lita managed to find another shopkeeper called Totopop that could make them, though.

Veola was visited by Lita in the middle of the night. it was then when Lita admitted she knew what Veola was planning to do with the Chronoplex. Lita tried to dissuade her from pushing through with it, but Veola said she'd have no regrets. She considered her brother as her own family and was deeply hurt when he died. Because of this, she avoided making any friends so she doesn't lose anything when she dies. Lita said it was too late, she and Klein were already friends with her. They got to have a friendly chat after that, and Veola began wavering in her decision to use the Chronoplex.

After a lot of traveling, gathering and synthesizing, Klein and Lita finally brought all the ingredients of the Chronoplex to Veola. Veola synthesized it but tightened the screw differently, making the product a Bio Frame instead of the Chronoplex. All Veola wanted to do was see her brother again, but Klein and Lita convinced her to cling to life. So as thanks, Veola gave the Bioframe, which restores life over time, to Klein for him to use in battle. She resolved that now that she can create the Chronolex anytime, there was no need for her to rush. She still wanted to see Klein and Lita many more times in the future.


Veola is not a very social person. She is deadpan, blunt and sometimes comes off as snarky, but earnest in the endeavors she cares about. She also stays composed even when surprised or disgusted. It may have something to do with her not being very physical, preferring to not go outdoors except when gathering materials or getting books.

She can be very stubborn when she puts her mind into something, no matter how difficult it may be. She started off with nothing but the knowledge that the Chronoplex can make her meet her brother and that it can be made, but grew to be very good in synthesis on the way to her goal and eventually had a chance to make it several years later. Many of her actions that made her what she is now came from her stubborn drive to reach her goal and avoid the consequences by not getting close to anyone.

By the end of her events, she grew to like her shop. I still think she didn't change her attitude with customers, despite her now caring about how well her shop does. That means she will do her job for others, but not much else. She acts how she wants in her own shop, which isn't very professional at all. She will have favorites, be rude to customers she doesn't care about, and snack and read during her work hours. She really likes snacking while working. When synthesizing for work, she will not hesitate to experiment sometimes, making the product different than expected. While she's serious about synthesizing new products, she doesn't care much on how to present them to customers when they're done.

She enjoys reading. It's normal for her to stay up late at night reading novels. She also tends to experiment a lot with her synthesis. It is common to hear explosions while the shop is closed. While I'm at it, it seems like she's a night person as well. She likes the stars and the night sky.

It can be hard to tell if she's grown fonder of a person. She could be making fun of a person and playing pranks out of dislike at first, then still do so out of fondness when she feels closer. Even with someone she likes, she starts off indifferent, gets more expressive, then goes back to acting more distant out of shyness. Did I mention she likes playing pranks? She likes playing pranks on potential love rivals. Or perhaps excitable short tempered women in general.

Veola takes death very lightly. She just wants to meet her brother again and doesn't think much of the rest of the world. The only thing that kept her from killing herself with the Chronoplex is the friendship she unconsciously developed with Klein and Lita. She won't have any reason to die when she's in Somarium though. Besides losing the means to synthesize the Chronoplex, her brother won't be around so it's a moot point. Thanks to Klein and Lita, she won't be avoiding friendly relationships anymore. I doubt she'd be the type to look for friends, though.


Veola can "synthesize" items when she has the right ingredients. The process seems to be part mix-and-poof and part actual crafting of the product. The game wasn't very clear about the process. Some recipes don't seem possible without magic poofing, but some events have her commenting about steps of a process in making the item like baking and carving.

(headcanon of the process will go here, eventually)

[Affection] Your character can go ahead and do whatever they want, but she'll mostly be unreceptive early on. She likes relationships slow and easygoing. Meaning, your character will have to go through her rude and uncaring stage, annoyed stage, and uneasy stage before being remotely friendly. ...Normally. Can't tell how things actually go with all the different types around.


Yes, characters can go ahead fight/injure/kill her if it comes down to it. They better be guilty after, though. She's practically a civilian without her offensive items.

Based on one time when she said she didn't like to be seen fighting, headcanon says she's physically clumsy at it. Her movements will be amateur, she'll stumble here and there, and her method of "dodging" will more or less be jumping out of the way. Her main mode of attack will be throwing items. Her specialty will be bombs, but she can throw out any item she creates that deals damage or helps her out in one way or another. caltrops or marble to throw in the enemy's way, paint to splash on invisible enemies, tin basin for comical effect, etc. She might be difficult to kill if she's well stocked on curative items due to item spam. The most she can do without guidance or training(or super powered oneshot KO items) is to beat low leveled enemies.

[Other Permissions] Mind reading, 4th wall braking, weakness scanning, traumatizing, I'm fine with anything, and would be very interested in the outcome. Bwahahaha, her well being is unimportant something interesting comes from it. I think she'll be tough(mentally) and stable enough to at least not be reduced to unintelligible gibberish on the first exposure of such abilities. She may hate your character though, depending on the nature of the exposure.

[Other Facts]

It is very clear that she does not put much effort in naming things and has an outdated sense of style. She can also bake bread decently now, thanks to a certain event. Just plain bread though. She also is knowledgeable in math.

Side arc events unrelated to her main life story:

One day, Veola went hunting for phoenix quills in Lapis Woods herself. Lita and Klein came by and helped her in the end, so she was able to make the present she planned to give her caretaker, Norman.

Veola tried her hand in baking after hearing that Klein enjoyed chatting with Blaire, a girl managing a bakery. She had several failures after trying different ingredients, but finally managed to create the Penultimate Bun. It was possibly better than Blaire's bread.

At one point, Veola decided to make something for Klein to protect him, since she couldn't go around with him. When he brought the materials for it, she made him a Ring of Love. Lita had a fit, so Veola decided to make something for her too. When the materials were available, she made Lita "Farewell, Love" pills. They were poisonous pills that Veola made as a joke, and Lita figured it out immediately. Lita wasn't very happy about it. Veola later understood and accepted how Lita felt about Klein. She put up recipes of gifts for both of them, both being sincere gifts this time. To Lita, she made the locket of love, wishing her success in her endeavors. To Klein, Veola made the locket of wishes so he can strive to make Lita's wishes come true.
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