Dream 01

Jul. 14th, 2010 12:37 pm
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Dream Effect: Viewers can feel death around them. There's that feeling of excitement when you're on the brink of fulfilling a life long goal. The dream is completely silent, except for the chime and what she says near the end of it.

A black void. In dead silence, Veola ran excitedly. The only thing visible was her destination, the river up ahead. Finally. FINALLY!

On the riverbank was Charon, waiting in his ferry. He held out his hand. What he wanted was the price to ride his ferry, her life.

Veola walked forward, hand on her chest when a chime suddenly broke the silence.It was her store's door chime. Someone just entered.

Veola looked back. Within the black void was a vision of what was happening back in her store. The visitors were Klein and Lita again. It seemed like they were looking for her. She could only smile fondly.

She turned towards the river again. On the other side was a lone ghost. Though faint, she could immediately tell it was her brother that she's been longing to see all this time. He simply waved before walking away.

"Maybe another time." Veola said before turning her back at Charon.

[Veola wakes up and looks at the pendant she kept on her. Ever since she got this thing, she started thinking about that again. ...Was the crystal always this gray?]
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